Hardener / Densifier

FLOR-SIL™ is a concrete and terrazzo densifier formulated with the latest hybrid lithium chemical technology. Used in the Diamatic Management Services (DMS) ULTRAFLOR® System. FLOR-SIL™ penetrates deep into concrete surfaces, providing longer life and higher reflectivity to the polished concrete surface. FLOR-SIL™ is an environmentally friendly treatment crucial to the installation of the ULTRAFLOR® System. Together, FLOR-SIL™ and ULTRAFLOR® produce a concrete/terrazzo surface with improved abrasion resistance and reduced surface dusting. With proper installation, FLOR-SIL™ will not leave clouding effects that can be difficult to remove. Flor-Sil™ is an easy to apply product that requires only one treatment with no need for brooming or rinsing—a common procedure in sodium and potassium based densifier products. FLOR-SIL™ will not contribute to alkali-silica reactivity (ASR). FLOR-SIL™ inhibits alkali salts (efflorescence) and sweating in concrete/masonry surfaces.

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