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SealSource International

Sealsource products offer superior performance and durability due to their advanced lithium technology. The simple application process of SealSource products promotes reduced maintenance time, significantly increasing productivity. They incorporate non-solvent, water-based solutions in all of their high performing products so you don’t have to worry about strong odors and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). When you use SealSource products, you become part of the green movement because their products meet the Green Leaf / LEED standards of qualification.

Benefits of Using Sealsource Chemicals:

  • Increased reflectivity from product use assists in lighting output.
  • Increased durability increases the life of the surface and the building.
  • Reduces dust for a cleaner and safer surface.
  • Applies in a single coat, requiring no waste water, environmental clean-up, or disposal.
  • Low VOC’s and low odor create no indoor air problems.
  • Makes concrete easier to clean, allowing for an environment that is less susceptible to harmful bacteria.
  • Reduces maintenance costs, allowing for reduction in chemical and water usage.

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