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  • Versaflex – QuickMender XO

    • Day Rate

      $460.00 / Day
    <h3>Highlights</h3> <ul> <li><strong>Minimal Odor & VOC’s</strong></li> <li>Low viscosity in neat configuration will penetrate concrete for permanent bond</li> <li>Fast return to service in 30 minutes</li> <li>Can cure in -30°F. Cure time will be extended at lower temperatures</li> <li>Mix with industrial quartz will produce a durable polymer concrete</li> <li>May be mixed with silica flour, fumed silica, and cabosil</li> <li>Self-leveling</li> <li>May be feather edged</li> <li>Minimal surface preparation required</li> <li>Good chemical resistance</li> </ul>
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