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Control Joints

Pantheon is bringing you 2 main brands of polyurea joint-fillers. There are several options for filling or sealing joints but it is very important to choose the most appropriate control joint product to make the joints as attractive and useful as possible.

The importance of utilizing concrete joint fillers in concrete floors cannot be understated. Joints is common to resinous flooring include expansion joints, construction joints and control joints. They help maintain the structural integrity of concrete slabs in commercial and industrial facilities. As many builders and facility managers understand, correct installation of semi-rigid, polyurea can help safeguard the function and appearance of concrete slab and resinous flooring investments. Careful selection of concrete floor joint products can help enable essential building elements to perform as designed throughout their long usable lives, allowing them to fulfil their promise of exceptional life cycle value.

Making a selection among filler and sealant products depends on many factors. If you have a specific project involved, normally what Pantheon recommend is for you to ask our people who are expert on this and we will give you the right product recommendation for your project.