HEPA Industrial Vacuum

The Diamatic™ BDC-1330 LP has been designed for the tough conditions of concrete dust collection and built for multi-purpose use, from hand grinders and crack chasers, to small and medium grinding and polishing machines. Its superior filter system reduces airborne dust and particulate to provide a cleaner work environment.
This tough, industrial grade vacuum has a pressure-molded, resin-reinforced plastic body that won’t rust or dent. The compact, vertical profile maneuvers easily with large wheels and 2 swivel/locking casters. Its large, pleated filter media is easily accessible and features a spring-loaded manual shaker for extended use, without exposing the operator to harmful dust or contaminants.

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Husqvarna – S 36, Vacuum
BDC-1216 Dust Collector
$2,197.00 $1,979.00
BDC-1330 LP Dust Collector
$4,304.00 $3,874.00
BDC-99 Dust Collector
$28,998.00 $26,099.00
BDC-122 Dust Collector
$2,560.00 $2,304.00
Husqvarna T 7500, Vacuum
$14,000.00 $9,800.00