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Joint Pump

Joint Pump Rental in Denver, CO and Orange County, CA

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The SX200000 Dual Component Polyurea / Epoxy Joint Filler Pump has a 1/2HP motor and operates on 110V electric current. Also can be used on projects where electric power is not available through purchase of the US Saws’ deep cycle battery and power inverter. The SX20000 is simple to use and easy to maintain. Joint filler is applied through a long flexible hose and comes out through a removable static mixer for proper material mixing per mfg requirements. The SX20000 works with 1:1 mix and using an optional easy to change sproket 2:1 mix joint fillers.

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  • SB2005 Polyurea Joint Pump

    • Day Rate

      $8,200.00 / Day


    1. Weight: 190 lbs. dry/238 lbs. with battery system. 2. Height: 44-1/2”. Width: 27”. Length: 30” 3. Motor: 1/2HP DC Gear motor w/separate heat sink, RPM: 0 - 500, Volts: 90-130, Torque: 202 In. Lbs., Amps: 5.5. Power: 110 Volt 4. Pumps: Cast iron dual internal rotary gear pumps 5. Tanks: 6.7 gallon, 14 gauge 304 stainless steel (ss) tanks w/ss lids, w/custom welded ss mounting nipples for ss suction line strainers and pump mounts, attached to frame with ss worm gear clamps 6. Hoses: 3/8” x 15’ stainless steel braided hoses coupled with a protective sleeve 7. Wheels: 6” non-marring gray balloon cushion wheels - swivel wheels have brakes 8. Dispensing Unit: Extended lightweight aluminum handle with a dual port manifold, thumb operated on/off switch and speed control knob 9. Viscosity: 50 – 2,000 cps. Flow Rate: 1 gallon per minute 10. Ratios: 1:1, easily geared to other ratios 11. Option: 12 volt deep cycle battery, 1250 watt inverter & 6 Amp speed charger with quick connects Call us to Rent: +1 720-504-5800
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  • Sealboss – Jointmaster Pro 2 G3

    • Day Rate

      $8,200.00 / Day


    • Control: Extended lightweight handle, dual port manifold, digital speed control. Low voltage control line to applicator, programmable
    • Two Component System
    • Pump many epoxies, polyurethanes and polyureas
    • Rugged construction and easy to use: Stainless steel tanks, steel braided hoses, heavy duty pump units, electronic variable speed drive, comfort easy roll casters with two locks
    • Adjustable volume dispenser
    • Extra lightweight aluminum dispenser
    • Moving parts fully enclosed for safety
    • Gear driven for easy ratio changes
    • Unit mounted on 'EZ-Ride' casters
    • Complete set with hoses and applicator. Epoxies, polyurethanes and polyureas sold separately
    • Easy to clean

    Seal Boss JointMaster Pro 2 G3i Digital Joint Filler Pump Specifications

    Motor 1/2 hp, ~200 [lb-in] , AC, Gear
    Power 110 V, 5 A
    Torque Approx. 200 Lbs.
    Pumps Internal Rotary Gear Pumps
    Tanks 5 gal, 14 gauge 304 stainless steel
    Hoses 1/2 in x 14.5 ft braided, protective sleeve
    Viscosity Approx. 50 – 4000 cps, depending on material
    Flow Rate Approx. 0.1 to >1 gallon per minute
    Ratios 1:1 by volume ratio standard, other ratios available
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