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Joint Saw

JS-130 13HP Honda Gas Walk-Behind Joint Cleanout Mill.
This machine is designed to mill out dirt and debris from existing control joints prior to filling, or to remove existing joint fill material in need of replacement. The material is milled out of the joint in an upward direction and is collected by the debris collection port. A dust collector with a minimum of 350 CFM is recommended for use with this machine. Production speed is greatly dependant upon jobsite conditions. Please call for more info

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  • Gorilla Concrete Tools – GCT 4.5″ Dustless Crack Chaser

    • Day Rate

      $1,410.00 / Day
    Features & Benefits
    • Holds up to a 3/8" wide blade
    • Excellent maneuverability for chasing cracks
    • Safe and easy to operate while standing up
    • No more crawling around on hands and knees
    • Great blade visibility
    • Made from 1/4" thick welded steel (no plastic)
    • One piece handle design giving you a solid feel while operating
    • 2" dust port for excellent dust control
    Power 120 volt - 15 amp
    Grinder Metabo W9-115
    Weight 35 lbs
    Required blade size 4.5"
    Arbor size 5/8"
    Cutting depth Adjustable 3/4" max
    Vacuum Requirements 256 CFM minimum
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  • Gorilla Concrete Tools – GCT 9″ Silverback Dustless Saw

    • Day Rate

      $2,700.00 / Day
    • Lockable rear casters allow both straight and contoured cuts
    • Handle allows 90° rotations for total control
    • Easy and quick cutting depth adjustment
    • Excellent blade visibility
    • Made of ¼” thick welded steel
    • Adjustable cutting depth up to 2-1/8”
    • Blade arbor is 5/8”
    • Requires 7" to 9" blades (6” to 9” for crack chasing)
    • Patented dust control system
    • Minimum 225 CFM vacuum requirement
    • 2” dust port for excellent dust control
    • One-piece handle design for solid and stable support
    • Engine: Metabo W24-230 (6600 rpm)
    • Power Requirement: 120 volts - 15 amps
    • Complies with O.S.H.A. dust control requirements
    • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
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  • Gorilla Concrete Tools – GCT-14 Series II Dustless Concrete Saw

    • Day Rate

      $3,995.00 / Day


    • Heavy-duty ¼” thick steel frame with no precast components
    • 2” primary and secondary dust port tubes
    • Minimum 300 CFM dust extractor system
    • With 1” blade arbor for ¾” wide blades
    • Blade depth gauge for up to 4” cutting depth
    • Blade site door for accurate cutting stops and starts
    • 4-point hold down system for easy transport
    • Engine: Honda GX390 11.7 HP 3600 rpm
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  • US Saws – Cast Dust Buggy Joint Cleanout Saw assembly w/Metabo W24-230 Grinder

    • Day Rate

      $1,574.00 / Day
    The Dust Buggy is a portable, lightweight, joint cleanout mill that is perfect for indoor joint work. It has a powerful Metabo W24-230 grinder mounted in a steel chassis. It has an up-cut blade rotation to clean debris out of the joint. It has adjustable depth control that provides consistent cut depth. The new polyurethane wheels help the Dust Buggy track perfectly straight. With the Tiger Tooth blades, or PCD Mill, this machine will remove joint filler.
    Grinder Make/Model Metabo W24-230
    Output Power 15 Amp Electric
    Maximum RPM 6,600
    Power Requirements 120V, 60Hz
    Maximum Cutting Depth 2"
    Blade Diameter 7" or 8" Dry Diamond
    Blade Width .090", .125", .250"
    Part No. SX13550
    Call us to Rent: +1 720-504-5800
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