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Mitigation and Leveling


Moisture problems in concrete slabs and floors are nothing new, that’s why Pantheon tied up with Mapei the leader of mitigation & levelling products. The unpleasant reality to which most of the GC’s do not consider moisture mitigation planning can be avoided with a "top-down" approach, one approach is to use a reactive penetrant or a concrete additive to help accelerate the drying process and prevent moisture passage by closing the capillaries in the concrete. Another approach is to use an acrylic adhesive when installing the floor.

Pantheon want GC’s & Flooring Contractor’s to be aware of the importance of moisture mitigation products & choosing the correct moisture mitigation strategy on their project to avoid such moisture problems. Flooring contractors should address the issue of moisture mitigation with the GC right from the start. Building mitigation into the project plan and budget can help avoid change orders and a last-minute scramble to find a solution. Indeed, making architects more aware of slab moisture issues may lead them to include moisture mitigation in the original spec for construction.

When moisture mitigation is addressed properly then it can help avoid project delays, unforeseen costs and a lot of headaches. That benefits for everyone: the flooring contractor, the general contractor, the building owner, and, ultimately, the building's occupants.


Self-leveling concrete is polymer-modified cement that doesn’t need the addition of large volumes of water for placement. It is used to create smooth flat surfaces with very high compressive strengths. It can be installed on the top of concrete, ceramic tile, VCT, Wood or Plywood or any non-flexible surface.

The newest trends for architects and commercial property owners nowadays are self-leveling overlays. It is quick to install and can be installed pre or post construction. It can cover plywood or tile floors as well, and is flood proof and hypoallergenic.

Pantheon aims to let GC’s & Flooring contractors know the benefits of using self-leveling overlay products to reduce man hours and project cost. It’s the ideal choice for structural integrity and has a short time of installation and curing which is beneficial for homes & business establishments.