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250D Edge Floor Grinder 110Volts 2.2kW 1 Phase

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250D Small Concrete Floor Edge Angle Grinder And Polisher Machine

The 250D is a professional edge floor grinding machine, which is the indispensable machine for floor labors to do the angle work. It efficiently grinds paint, coatings, adhesives, epoxy, and spackle. Powered by 110V and 220V single phase, it can be applied for both construction and home use. Combining impressive high performance with low weight, the simplistic design ensures easy operation and a comfortable user experience.

Single disc floor polishing machine



Model 250D Small Concrete Polisher And Angle Floor Polisher
Voltage 110V  1 phase 220V 1phase
Current 26.6A 13.3A
Operating width 250mm
Horse power 2.2kw/3hp
Rotating speed 1460rpm
Motor power ABLE motor
Frequency 50/60hz
Packing size 74*50*88cm
Water tank 8L
Weight 65KG


Best China angle grinder and polisher

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• Light weight and less abrasives consumption.

• Adjusting system to change the machine level according to abrasive consumption.

•Avoid the deflection problem occurring on the single disc machine. Wall corner grinding to a large extent, only 2mm untreated area from the wall.

Concrete edge grinding equipment for sale

Additional information

Weight 143.3 lbs
Dimensions 29.2 × 19.7 × 34.7 in

FB Product Number

EQ77044 250D-110V Edge Floor Grinder 2.2kW 1 Phase