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Grinding Width: 28 in. (711mm)

Tool Diameter: 9 in. (240mm)

Tooling Speed: 350-1100 RPM

Motor: 993 cc Propane (LP)

Dust Hose Connection: 3 in. (76mm)Ø

Battery Power: 12 volt

Drive System: Triple Head Planetary System

Dimensions: L 60 in. x W 27 in. x H 52 in

Weight: 890 lbs.

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The new BMG-735P ULTRAPRO Propane (LP) and the BMG-735PXL ULTRAPRO Propane are ideal machines for heavy industrial applications of grinding, polishing and preparing surfaces.  Available the standard 28" working width or the XL version with its wide 34" working width.  These workhorses prepare surfaces for new coatings,  remove old coatings or adhesive residues, to smooth or flatten concrete slabs including curled expansion joints, or to just simply remove unsightly surface imperfections. For decorative concrete applications, it is an ideal system for polishing concrete to a high shine or restoring old slabs for newer architectural finishes. The floating shroud with brush skirt is an added feature for those types of processes. An excellent machine for grinding and polishing natural stone surfaces such as granite, marble or terrazzo, the BMG-735P ULTRAPRO Propane operates virtually dust free when connected to the proper Diamatic or Blastrac dust collector and has the option to be used wet or dry to accommodate most every abrasive polishing technique and discipline. The BMG-735P ULTRAPRO Propane becomes more efficient with employment of the new DiaMag plates and a variety of polishing diamonds. Utilizing a system of three diamond disks that rotate in planetary motion, this heavy-duty machine is a must for those high demand jobs of the professional surface-prep contractor. Get maximum results from this new maximum polishing machine. The BMG-735PXL ULTRAPRO Propane (LP) has all the same workhorse features of the BMG-735P but with a greater, wider working path.
Weight 890 lbs
Dimensions 78 × 29 × 46 in


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