Diamatic – SILEX Hydro Hard

Diamatic – SILEX Hydro Hard



  Optimum Water Repellency
  Superior Hardness
  Permanently Dust Proofs Concrete
  Single Spray-on-Leave-on Application, No Rinse Required
  Increases Life Expectancy
  Preserves Natural Look of Concrete
  Reduces Alkalinity Efflorescence
  Enhances & Protects Stained, Integral Color & Dyed Decorative Surfaces
  Resistant to Blushing & Will Not Yellow or Age with Exposure

Coverage Rates: 400 to 600 Sq.ft. /gal.*

*Due to the wide variety of substrates variations in concrete quality, porosity, job site conditions, temperatures and relative humidity will affect coverage rates and drying times.


Silex® HYDRO-HARD densifier is a proprietary formulation specifically designed using a hybrid technology that provides active protection properties that provides a depth of penetration up to 8mm deep into the slab while also producing a silica film wear layer on the surface of the concrete.  Silex® Hydro-Hard chemically reacts with the silicate matrix within the capillaries and pores, forming bonds that provide excellent hydrophobicity while allowing it to remain breathable.

Silex® Hydro-Hard is a single spray-on-leave-on application, no rinse formula that enhances the durability and provides optimally protection against the absorption of water, moisture, and other aggressive substances along with forming a chloride intrusion barrier.

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