HTC – 800 RXP, Blackline Grinder

SKU: 967838803.

HTC – 800 RXP, Blackline Grinder


The HTC 800 RXP combines the power of the RX with the flexibility of a propane engine.

The HTC 800 RXP is perfect for maximum performance and flexibility without the dependency of a generator or external power supply. Only one person is needed to manage the grinder and dust extractor, because the machine is operated by remote control. With features such as battery backup power, it can be loaded from a trailer without connected power.

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Name HTC 800 RXP
Article Number 967838803
Length 55 inch
Width 33.9 inch
Height 49.7 inch
Weight 1,200 lbs
Motor output 27 HP
Power consumption Propane
Grinding pressure 530 - 726 lbs
Revolution speed 700 - 1400 RPM
Grinding discs 4 x 10.6 inch
Grinding width 31.5 inch
Grinding motors 1 - 852cc Kawasaki EnviroGard
Water tank
Mist Cooler System No
Recommended Dust Extraction Systems HTC 80 iD II (US)
Frequency radio control 433, 100 - 434, 750 MHz
Diode lamps 24 V
Control current 24 V
Battery wheel Lead-acid
Battery radio AA (R6)
Propulsion effect 2 x 0,24 kW
Weight 1200 lbs
Dimensions 53 × 37 × 48 in


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