HTC – 950 RX 3x480V, Blackline Grinder

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HTC – 950 RX 3x480V, Blackline Grinder


The Ergonomically designed HTC 950 RX Three Phase 460 Volt Mist Cooling Concrete Floor Grinder is radio controlled to significantly simplify the work to extend the grinding time per day. The work also becomes more efficient since dust extractors can be easily emptied and the cables that handle the machine are run on the radio control. Another advantage is that it is easy and convenient to transport, since the machine has a built-in battery drive making loading and unloading manageable. The natural choice for large areas with a 460 Volt W/ Mist Cooling System.

Patented well-known drive system with four grinding discs perfectly balances the machine integrated system of weights for adjusting grinding pressure. The further developed grinding heads give lower maintenance costs and longer life. Load and vibration damages are minimized since the machine can be run remotely. This creates a perfect HTC Superfloor.

Model Number: HTC 950 RX

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Not Available for Local Pick-up.

Weight 1323 lbs
Dimensions 53 × 39 × 51 in


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