HTC – Tool holder EZ Airflow

HTC – Tool holder EZ Airflow


AirFlow is HTC’s latest ground breaking technology, developed to address some of the most common challenges of grinding the friction heat and the dust released from the grinded surface. Through extensive R&D work HTC developed AirFlow Technology.

The benefits of using AirFlow EZ tool holders are instant longer tool lifetime, better working environment and less dust removal after grinding. Lower risk of glazing (over heating resulting in damaged tools) will instantly increase efficiency on site, which in turn will raise project profitability.

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HTC AirFlow tool holder

Let AIR take care of the challenge

Skilled users know the challenges of floor grinding, to create excellent results. When grinding and polishing to high specifications of hard materials like hard concrete, terrazzo and stone materials one major risk factor is glazing. Glazing or over heating resulting in damaged tools causes poor cutting rates and shorter tool lifetime. The raised temperature is caused both by friction and the concentrations of dust under the grinding cover which accumulates the heat and raises temperature. It generally takes a lot of operator skill to adjust the machine and to balance performance and risk of overheating.

AirFlow™ EZ tool holders create an increased and controlled flow of air around the tools. The increased air flow cools the tool effectively and at the same time directs the air born dust towards the evacuation intake.

  • Longer expected tool lifetime
  • Reduces working temperature
  • Maximize cutting rate
  • More effective dust removal
Double functionality that makes difference

The increased and controlled air flow cools the tools effectively and at the same time directs the air born dust towards the evacuation intake.

HTC AirFlow technology

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