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HTG-680-A Self-Propelled Floor Grinder

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680-4A self-driving terrazzo, marble, cement and concrete floor grinding wheel polishing machine is a self-driving grinder and one of the most efficient floor grinding equipment produced by Xingyi Company. Adopting a four-head planetary counter-rotating gear structure, the planetary gears rotate in different directions, which reduces the deflection force of the machine, has strong grinding efficiency and stable performance, makes grinding more stable and uniform, and improves grinding efficiency. And it saves time and effort. Compared with the three-head grinder, the four-head grinder has more force on the uneven surface and the work is more stable. This grinding machine has an automatic drive system, 15HP world-class WEG motor, 20HP Delta frequency converter, plus a weight of 425KG, with high grinding pressure and stable performance. If you are looking for a user-friendly and efficient floor repair and removal machine suitable for industrial applications, then there is no doubt that 680-4A is the right choice.

Product advantages

1.Self-propelled concrete stone floor grinder HTG-680-4A is used to grind different kind of floor.variable speed adjust providing you with more versatility and more flatly contrast with others.

2.Internationally well-known brands WEG motors and DELTA inverters have passed CE certification, global joint warranty quality assurance

3.Equipped with aluminum alloy wheels and high-quality bearings (China’s first-line brand HRB bearings), firm and durable,

4.Thickened integrated gearbox, excellent heat dissipation, anti-corrosion, patented output shaft double-layer oil seal design, no oil leakage, durable and long service life.

Product parameter

Model Name 680-4A
Working Width 680mm
Voltage 380V-440V 3 phase
Motor HP 11KW WEG motor
AC Motor driver 15KW Delta inverter
Rotating Speed 350-1680rpm
Grinding disc 230mm*4
Water tank 16L
Weight 425kg
  • 4-head planetary counter-rotating grinding disc
  • Integrated control panel, easy to operate
  • Stainless steel water tank for dry and wet grinding
  • Three-stage weighted iron design
  • Power balance device, stable operation
  • Timer for easy time management
  • PE floating dust cover, strong and durable

Additional information

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FB Product Number

EQ77016 HTG-680-A 480V Self-Propelled Floor Grinder 11kW 3 Phase – 4 Heads
EQ77017 HTG-680-A 480V Self-Propelled Floor Grinder 11kW 3 Phase – 3 Heads
EQ77018 HTG-680-A 240V Self-Propelled Floor Grinder 11kW 3 Phase – 4 Heads
EQ77019 HTG-680-A 240V Self-Propelled Floor Grinder 11kW 3 Phase – 3 Heads