Husqvarna – W 70 P, Slurry Vacuum

Husqvarna – W 70 P, Slurry Vacuum


Powerful wet cleaner with a 18 gallon tank and evacuation pump. Emptying is carried out via a valve. The oil-cooled pump can handle concrete sludge, oils and cutting fluids. The machine is equipped with a coarse separation basket and wet suction bag. The combined filter/float system protects the motor. Pumping out can take place at the same time as suction. Equipped with a large bottom valve for simple cleaning. The wheels are of the “non-marking type”, puncture-free and lockable at the front.


  • Toughest jobs a slurry vacuum can handle.
  • Manage liquids such as concrete slurry,oils and machining coolants.


  • Integral stainless steel strainer screens gravel from the slurry to protect the pump impeller (W 70 P only).
  • Patented filter/float system provides maximum airflow and reliable wet shut-off in case of overfill.
  • Powerful evacuation pump is capable of pumping the slurry 33 ft vertically or 656 ft horizontally (W 70 P only).

Available for Dropship
Not Available for Local Pick-up.

Weight 99 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 22 × 49 in


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