Mapei Planibond EBA

Mapei Planibond EBA


Planibond® EBA is a two-component, multipurpose high-modulus bonding agent used primarily as a bonding agent for screeds and repair mortars, with applications for anchoring and crack repair. Planibond® can be used in a variety of applications including bonding agent for adhesion to concrete and screed mortar to cured concrete and epoxy-primed steel; grout used to install bolts, dowels, anchors, steel bars and faceplates; epoxy repair mortar when added to select aggregates; structural crack filler in gravity feed applications; structural adhesive for properly prepared concrete, masonry, metal and wood surfaces.

  • 2 component epoxy bonding system – no additional ingredients required
  • 100% solid and moisture insensitive
  • Won’t shrink
  • Meets ASTM C881 requirements
  • Suitable substrates: masonry, concrete, metal and wood
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Construction Details

  • High-modulus epoxy bonding agent
  • 2 component product – no additional ingredients required
  • Stir individual components separately before combining
  • Only mix the amount that can be applied within about 30 minutes
  • Do not add water or thin with solvents
  • Can only be used when temperatures are between 50°F and 95°F. For temperatures above 85°F take appropriate precautions to keep material cool. Note: higher temperatures will decrease the setting time, while cooler temperatures will increase the setting time.
  • Keep Planibond® EBA out of direct sunlight or environments with significant air movement
  • Always apply fresh concrete, repair mortars and screed mortars to Planibond® EBA while it is tacky.
  • Planibond® EBA becomes tacky after it has been applied to the substrate. The length of time for Planibond® EBA to become tacky will vary based on factors such as mixing time, ambient air temperature and substrate temperature. Do not let material lose tack or harden before application or it will act as a bond-breaker and prevent adhesion to the substrate.
  • Do not apply over non-dimensionally stable materials
  • Recommended substrates: concrete, masonry, metal and wood. Note: moisture vapor transmission cannot exceed 3 lbs. per 1,000 sq.ft. per 24 hours using a calcium chloride test (reference ASTM F1869)
  • Store at room temperature before mixing
  • Temperatures must remain in the range of 50°F to 95°F for 72 hours after installation of bonding agent and finished material.
  • Clean tools and protective gear with mineral spirits. Cured materials can be mechanically removed.


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