Mapei Planipatch Plus

Mapei Planipatch Plus


Construction Details

  • For use with Planipatch®
  • For interior installations only
  • Can be used as an embossing leveler or patch to fill voids when used with Planipatch®
  • Suitable substrates when mixed with full strength Planipatch: properly prepared cutback and carpet adhesive residue, existing properly prepared cement terrazzo, existing properly prepared and fully bonded ceramic tile, a single layer of properly prepared and fully bonded VCT, a single layer of properly prepared and fully bonded felt-backed sheet vinyl.
  • Substrates must be free of dust, dirt, oil, grease, paint, curing agents, concrete sealers, loosely bonded toppings, loose particles, epoxy adhesives, urethane adhesives, and other substrates or conditions that prevent or reduce adhesion.
  • All substrates must be structurally sound, dry, solid and stable.
  • Concrete must be also be free of any negative hydrostatic pressure and/or excessive moisture.
  • May help contribute to LEED certification points, see product data sheet below for more information.
  • Do not install over substrates containing asbestos.
  • Not for use as a final wear surface.
  • Use only when the substrate and the ambient temperatures are between 50°F and 100°F (10°C and 38°C)
  • Do not apply over presswood, particleboard, flakeboard, self-stick tile, or other dimensionally unstable substrates.
  • See product data sheet below for information regarding limitations of installation based on moisture vapor emission rate and relative humidity levels.
  • Do not use to fill existing expansion control joints.
  • Use a thin application only when leveling a large area.
  • Pot life: 40 to 50 minutes
  • Protect from freezing

Planipatch® Plus is a high performance acrylic latex additive for use with Planipatch®. When Planipatch® Plus is combined with Panipatch it creates the Planipatch Plus System which can be used as an embossing levelor or to patch fill voids over properly prepared vinyl sheets goods, vinyl composition tile (VCT), and cement terrazzo before the direct glue-down installation of floor coverings.

  • Excellent adhesion
  • Improves flexibility
  • Great for interior use in apartments, condominiums, homes, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, airports, hospitals, schools, government buildings, department stores, and more
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