NSS eForce® Scrubber

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NSS eForce® Scrubber

NSS’s eForce Scrubber breaks with tradition and delivers an easy to use, easy to operate rider scrubber that’s unlike anything you have seen before. Climb on the seat and point the joystick where you want to go. With no effort whatsoever, the eForce Scrubber takes you there. And, tight turns are no problem for the eForce Scrubber. It can turn on a dime thanks to its unique joystick control.
  • 26-in/66-cm (eForce Scrubber 26) or 32-in/81-cm (eForce Scrubber 32) cleaning path
  • 25-gal/94-l solution tank and 27-gal/102-l recovery tank
  • Excellent visibility of work areas.

Please call for special pricing or to Rent: +1 720-504-5800

Easy to Operate


NSS's patented joystick control allows you to work in a very natural position. No steering wheel, no standing.

Highly Maneuverable


Having the squeegee right behind the scrub brushes means you won't leave any water, even in tight turns.

Conservation Mode


With one button press, you're in Conservation Mode. Less water, less energy, less noise. At 62 dB, it's perfect for areas where quiet operation is essential.

Max Power Mode


Tap the Max Power button for thirty seconds of maximum scrubbing power.

Weight 1067 lbs
Dimensions 56.5 × 33 × 54 in



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