AmeriPolish® OS is a complete system of treatments for coloring, polishing, protecting and maintaining cementitious overlay floors. It is compatible with most cementitious overlays.

The system consists of:

  • AmeriPolish OS Integral Color, pre-measured liquid pigment designed especially for cementitious overlays.
  • AmeriPolish OS Densifier, lithium silicate-based densifier/hardener that improves resistance to liquid penetration and abrasion, minimizes dusting, and prepares surface for high-gloss diamond polishing.
  • AmeriPolish OS Dye, surface-applied dye with enhanced penetrating properties needed by cementitious overlays.
  • AmeriPolish WB OS Stain Protector, breathable, water-based sealer to protect color and help resist staining and etching.
  • AmeriPolish OS Cleaner, a compatible cleanser that also helps replenish stain


The AmeriPolish OS System is designed for coloring and polishing self-leveling polishable cementitious overlays. Overlays are fast-curing toppings that can be poured onto a concrete slab to create a durable and and attractive floor surface. They can be used to finish a rough concrete slab, rehabilitate damaged floors, or provide an alternative appearance to concrete due to their slightly different base color and granularity.

Conventional coloring and polishing chemistry can be incompatible with overlays. The Ameri-Polish OS system, however, has unique properties to enhance compatibility and optimize results.

All components of system should be used together to lock in colors for long term beauty and durability. Products can be used individually with components from other manufacturers, however, optimum hardening, stain resistance and color retention cannot be assured.


  • Works as a system to provide an integrated solution for coloring and polishing cementitious overlays.
  • Colorful results. Integral color and surface- applied dye can be used singly or in combination for a variety of color effects.
  • Tested and approved by CTS Rapid Set® for use with Rapid Set TRU™. Also compatible with other leading overlay brands.
  • Easy to use, speeds completion. May be applied to new or existing overlays.
  • Durable, long lasting beauty.


Polished and exposed cementitious overlay AmeriPolish OS floors are inherently sustainable because they have low life-cycle impacts on environment.
Low-impact maintenance requirements eliminate need for waxing and stripping chemicals used with floor coverings such as vinyl composition tile. Exposed cementitious overlay floors are very durable, eliminating the need for periodic replacement of floor coverings.

Use overlays to rehabilitate damaged concrete rather than replacing it, lowering carbon emissions, energy consumption, and materials consumption.

Products are low-VOC (< 40g/L) or exempt from VOC regulation.

Reflectivity of polished and high sheen floors may help optimize lighting and reduce illumination-energy consumption.

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Black, Burnt Sienna, Caramel, Chestnut, Chocolate Brown, Eggplant, Forest Green, Gold, Gray, Green, Mahogany, Maroon, Midnight Black, Patriot Blue, Pine Green, Raw Sienna, Saddle Brown, Sand, Sepia, Slate Blue, Terra Cotta, Turquoise, Walnut

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