US Saws Dual Component Polyurea / Epoxy Joint Filler Pump SX20000

US Saws Dual Component Polyurea / Epoxy Joint Filler Pump SX20000

  • Reduce Labor Cost With Significantly Increased Speed
  • Reduce Material Waste With Better Control of Flow
  • Allows Quick Joint Filling vs Cartridge Application
  • Works With Polyurea and Epoxy 2 Part Joint Fillers
  • Easy to Use – Inexpensive to Maintain
  • Twin 6 Gal Tanks Each Hold 5 Gal Joint Filler
  • Semi-Transparent Tanks To Monitor Liquid Level
  • Easy To Clean Polyethylene Tanks
  • Dispense 1:1 Ratio or 2:1 Ratio Product
  • 1/2HP 110V Electric Motor, 0-6 GPM Flow Control
  • Cordless Use With Optional Deep Cycle Battery & Power Invertor

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US Saws Dual Component Pump is designed to reduce labor cost and increase speed with quick and efficient application of both polyurea and epoxy 2 component joint fillers on commercial and industrial floor projects.  Offers significant increase in the speed of application where the alternative is applying by hand using a twin cartridge system.  US Saws offers the standard SX20000 model two man operation pump and the slimmer and  even more labor efficient US Saws’ new SX20050 dual component pump offering one man operation.

The SX200000 Dual Component Polyurea / Epoxy Joint Filler Pump has a 1/2HP motor and operates on 110V electric current.  Also can be used on projects where electric power is not available through purchase of the US Saws’ deep cycle battery and power inverter.  The SX20000 is simple to use and easy to maintain.  Joint filler is applied through a long flexible hose and comes out through a removable static mixer for proper material mixing per mfg requirements.  The SX20000 works with 1:1 mix and using an optional easy to change sproket 2:1 mix joint fillers.

The Dual Component Pump is powerful enough to work with both polyurea and epoxy joint filler material.  Great for use with the ASTC Polymers 3003/3004 Polyurea Control Joint and 3246 Poylurea Expansion Joint Filler.  It will also dispense many polyaspartic coatings, offering extremely quick application for larger floor projects where time is critical and labor budgets are tight.


  • Large Joint Filling Floor Projects
  • Polyurea Joint Filler Projects
  • Epoxy Joint Filler Projects
  • Application Of Some Polyaspartic Coatings


  • Reduce Labor Costs & Significantly Increase Application Speed On Concrete Floor Projects
  • Reduce Material Waste With More Controlled Material Flow
  • Allows Quick Joint Filling Vs Cartridge Application
  • Works With Both Polyurea And Epoxy 2 Component Joint Fillers
  • Easy To Use – Inexpensive To Maintain
  • Twin 6 Gallon See Through Tanks Each Hold 5 Gallons Joint Filler
  • Semi-Transparent Tanks Allow Operator To Monitor Liquid Level In Tanks
  • Easy To Clean Polyethylene Tanks With Full Sized Lids For Unrestricted Access To Inside Of Tanks
  • Dispense 1:1 Ratio Or 2:1 Ratio Product With Simple Sprocket Change
  • Will Dispense Certain Polyaspartic Floor Coatings – Call For Details
  • 1/2HP 110V Electric Motor With 0-6 GPM Variable Speed Flow Control On Dispensing Wand
  • Optional Deep Cycle Battery & Power Inverter For Cordless Operation
Weight 220 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 38 in


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