Versaflex ClearSeal Polyaspartic

Versaflex ClearSeal Polyaspartic



• Fast cure
• High tensile strength
• Color stable, excellent UV stability
• Low odor
• Cures as low as 20°F
• High gloss finish


VersaFlex ClearSeal™ is a high solids, color stable aliphatic polyurea coating. ClearSeal may be applied directly to most substrates and may be used as a top coat for existing epoxy, polyurethane, or polyurea. This coating is extremely color stable and displays excellent UV weathering characteristics. ClearSeal may be applied in temperatures as low as 20°F. When fully cured, ClearSeal will produce a highly abrasion resistant, high-gloss, smooth finish.

ClearSeal™ is a high strength, abrasion resistant and color stable plural component system designed to provide superior long-term protection to concrete and steel surfaces. This product has been specifically formulated as a topcoat for existing or new concrete or steel, such as piers, pier caps, railings and pedestrian walkways, providing excellent resistance against water and chloride intrusion.

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