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Versaflex – QuickMender XO

  • $460.00


  • Minimal Odor & VOC’s
  • Low viscosity in neat configuration will penetrate concrete for permanent bond
  • Fast return to service in 30 minutes
  • Can cure in -30°F. Cure time will be extended at lower temperatures
  • Mix with industrial quartz will produce a durable polymer concrete
  • May be mixed with silica flour, fumed silica, and cabosil
  • Self-leveling
  • May be feather edged
  • Minimal surface preparation required
  • Good chemical resistance
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VersaFlex Quick Mender® X.O. is among the most innovative concrete repair products on the market today. Quick Mender X.O. (quickmender xo) is a polymer rapid repair product. In its basic low viscosity formulation, Quick Mender X.O. may be used in a variety of unique applications to repair concrete substrates. Quick Mender X.O. may be used with all VersaFlex rapid curing polyurea sealants. It is designed for use in both interior and exterior concrete repair applications. Quick Mender X.O. is a superior concrete repair product designed specifically to repair or patch horizontal concrete surfaces with holes, divots, cracks, pop outs, spalls, and re-nosing of joints. Quick Mender X.O. may be mixed with dry industrial quartz, polishing dust, Portland cement, silica flour, fumed silica, or cabosil to produce a durable polymer concrete. Quick Mender X.O. is specially designed as a minimal odor system for interior and confined spaces, applied at a 1:1 mix ratio and may be applied with a steel bladed squeegee, ¼” nap roller, or brush. Quick Mender X.O. is available in 68 standard colors direct from the factory in easy-to-use 600ml cartridge sets, 2 gallon kits, 10 gallon kitsa and 110 gallon kits.
Ideal Applications:

  • Repairing spalls and cracks in traffic areas on concrete surfaces
  • Restoring integrity to dusted concrete
  • Filling pop-outs on horizontal surfaces
  • Below grade repairs
  • Parking deck repairs
  • Spalled control joints
  • Freezer applications
  • Polished concrete floors

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FB Product Number

JTRP00136 Quick Mender XO – No Pigment  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00137 Quick Mender XO – VF1005 – Mesa Beige  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00138 Quick Mender XO – VF1006 – Antique Cork  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00139 Quick Mender XO – VF1010 – Forest Green  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00140 Quick Mender XO – VF1071 – Burnt Sienna  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00141 Quick Mender XO – VF1076 – Less Brown  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00142 Quick Mender XO – VF1077 – Cobble Brown, Walnut  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00143 Quick Mender XO – VF1089 – Very Light Light Gray  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00144 Quick Mender XO – VF1104  – Fawn Pebble  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00145 Quick Mender XO – VF1106 – Sand  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00146 Quick Mender XO – VF1125 – Terra Cotta  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00147 Quick Mender XO – VF1128 – Wal-Mart Gray  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00148 Quick Mender XO – VF1150 – Heather Gray  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00149 Quick Mender XO – VF1163 – Brevity Brown  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00150 Quick Mender XO – VF1174 – Ryno Gray  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00151 Quick Mender XO – VF1208 – High Tea  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00152 Quick Mender XO – VF1211 – Versa Blue  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00153 Quick Mender XO – VF1213 – White  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00154 Quick Mender XO – VF1220 – Dark Gray  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00155 Quick Mender XO – VF1221 – Light Gray  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00156 Quick Mender XO – VF1222 – Mocha Tan  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00157 Quick Mender XO – VF1223 – Tan  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00158 Quick Mender XO – VF1224 – La Cresenta Brown  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00159 Quick Mender XO – VF1228 – Ostrich Feather  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00160 Quick Mender XO – VF1230 – Blue  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00161 Quick Mender XO – VF1233 – Safety Red (Dark)  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00162 Quick Mender XO – VF1237 – Safety Yellow  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00163 Quick Mender XO – VF1238 – BP Gray, Enviro Green  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00164 Quick Mender XO – VF1239 – Wal-Mart Brown  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00165 Quick Mender XO – VF1252 – Terra Cotta Brown  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00166 Quick Mender XO – VF1253 – Wheat  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00167 Quick Mender XO – VF1254 – Coyote  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00168 Quick Mender XO – VF1255 – Steel Gray  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00169 Quick Mender XO – VF1262 – Relic Bronze  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00170 Quick Mender XO – VF1274 – Yellow  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00171 Quick Mender XO – VF1275 – Red  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00172 Quick Mender XO – VF1276 – Kaffee  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00173 Quick Mender XO – VF1280 – Black  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00174 Quick Mender XO – VF1286 – Dark Walnut  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00175 Quick Mender XO – VF1287 – Tile Red  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00176 Quick Mender XO – VF1291 – Midnight Blue  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00177 Quick Mender XO – VF1292 – OD Green  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00178 Quick Mender XO – VF1300 – Red Shade Blue  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00179 Quick Mender XO – VF1302 – Chestnut  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00180 Quick Mender XO – VF1304 – Sumatra Brown  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00181 Quick Mender XO – VF1307 – Gold  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00182 Quick Mender XO – VF1309 – Raw Sienna  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00183 Quick Mender XO – VF1311 – Saddle Brown  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00184 Quick Mender XO – VF1314 – Eggplant  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00185 Quick Mender XO – VF1323 – Sierra Redwood  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00186 Quick Mender XO – VF1326 – Gauntlet Gray  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00187 Quick Mender XO – VF1329 – Dark Knight  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00188 Quick Mender XO – VF1330 – Brick Paver  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00189 Quick Mender XO – VF1350 – Mocha Brown  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00190 Quick Mender XO – VF1357 – Lime Rickey  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00191 Quick Mender XO – VF1360 – Safety Red (Light)  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00192 Quick Mender XO – VF1363 – Powedered Brick  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00193 Quick Mender XO – VF1365 – Signal Gray  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00194 Quick Mender XO – VF1372 – Inner Gold  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00195 Quick Mender XO – VF1375 – Warm Stone  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00196 Quick Mender XO – VF1376 – Concrete Gray  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00197 Quick Mender XO – VF1380 – Purple  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00198 Quick Mender XO – VF1386 – Iron Gray  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00199 Quick Mender XO – VF1388 – Intellectual Gray  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00200 Quick Mender XO – VF1389 – Blissful Blue  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00201 Quick Mender XO – VF1392 – Traffic Green  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00202 Quick Mender XO – VF1397 – Dark Blue  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00203 Quick Mender XO – VF1399 – Raw Sienna (Dark)  (600ml cartridges)
JTRP00204 Quick Mender XO – VF1539 – Orange  (600ml cartridges)

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