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Burnisher Rental Denver

We guarantee you the lowest burnisher rental prices. We will beat any qualified rental rate – guarantee details.

We offer electric and propane burnishers for rent our downtown Denver location. Note that we have all of the following in stock for and available for burnisher rental.

Our staff has over 100+ Years of combined concrete floor experience.  If you’re not sure which burnisher is right for you – call and ask us.  We’ll make sure you get the right scrubber that meets your needs.

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  • Burnisher Repair
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Burnisher Rental


Burnisher / MicroPolisher

The MPS-1027E is built for polished concrete installation and maintenance.


  • Has a flexible pad driver which allows you to easily follow the shape of uneven flooring
  • Great for large jobs like hotels, schools, malls and even airports
  • Handle is ergonomically designed to reduce operator fatigue
  • Balanced
  • Weights are removable
  • Durable frame


Burnisher Parts

In addition to offfering burnisher rentals and sales, we offer a wide variety of parts for your burnisher to keep you up and running. Contact us to learn more about our burnishing pads.

Burnisher Repair

If your burnisher needs maintenance or repair, we can help. Our expert staff can get you up and running again fast.

With equipment down, you incur the cost of downtime and a schedule that slips. If you ship your equipment off for repair, you’ll suffer the extremely high cost of shipping heavy equipment to a service center.

Why not contact us to fix your burnisher? You’ll save a lot of money on shipping and downtime costs. Contact Us to learn more.

Burnisher Use

You can use a floor burnisher to give your floor a great looking shine that is free from film, debris and scuff marks that come from heavy use.

The burnisher scrapes away dirt and film along with an ultra thin layer of floor finish to create the high-gloss shine. How often you use the burnisher depends on the traffic that the floor sees. High traffic areas may be done daily. Areas with much less traffic can go longer without being burnished.