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  • Motor Vac Ametek – 1200W/110V-120V for PD2/S26/S13

    Motor Two stage peripheral bypass 120v brushed blower motor (works on S26 S13 S-line) Voltage: 110 / 120 Stages: 2 Brushes: 33392-11 Motor size: 5.7 Output: Peripheral Bypass
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  • Motor Vac Ametek – 1200W/230V-240V for PD3/S36

    Voltage: 230 / 240 Stages: 2 Brushes: 33508 Motor size: 5.7 Output: Peripheral Bypass
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  • Bartell Global – HD1 HEPA Vacuum – 110V Single Phase

    <button class="kwipped-custom">Apply for Financing as low as <strong>$/mo</strong></button> <h3>Features</h3> <ul> <li>The HD1 is a one-motor HEPA dust extractor, that features a two-stage filtering system comprised of a main conical filter and a HEPA filter</li> <li>“Reverse-air” jet-pulse filter cleaning system – effectively cleans and removes dust build-up on the filters</li> <li>Easy to use “Inlet closure door” – eliminates the need to remove hoses when pulsing and cleaning filters</li> <li>Easily connects to hand-operated power tools to extract concrete dust while cutting and grinding</li> <li>Equipped with a “Continuous Bag” disposal system for effective dust collecting</li> </ul>
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  • Makita – 11 Gal Hepa Filter Wet/Dry Vacuum (VC4210L)

    <div class="part-text"><strong>CALL FOR PRICING</strong><strong><a class="part-btn" style="font-size: 20px;" href="tel: 720-504-5800">CO: 720-504-5800</a></strong> <strong><a class="part-btn" style="font-size: 20px;" href="tel: 714-527-6700">CA: 714-527-6700</a></strong></div>
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  • Pantheon F26 Hepa Vacuum 120Volts

    F series Single Phase Dust Extractors are designed ideally for hand held edge grinder, small and medium size floor grinder, shotblaster, scarifier and etc. It adopts three steps filtration: coming through the cyclone filtration, conical filter and OHSA compliant HEPA filter. Even fine dust can be captured, up to 99.99%@ 0.3um, contributing a dust free working conditions. Power: 3.2HP Air Flow: 236 CFM Water Lift: 100" Suction Inlet: 2" Pre-Filter: 30 ft2 >99.5%@ 1 um Hepa Filter: 26 ft2, >99.99%@ 0.3um
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