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Conglory Scarifier/Shaver

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Hand Held Concrete Scarifier Contractors
Scarifier also called concrete planers or milling machines, remove concrete faster and more aggressively than grinders. The machine use the pummeling action of multi-tipped cutting wheels, or flails, that rotate at high speeds to chip away at the concrete surface. You can choose from many different styles of interchangeable cutter assemblies to achieve the profile you need for each job.

TCT Cutters Heavy duty, long life cutters for all concrete texturing, scabbling, planning and grooving applications. Also used for removal of road markings, roof chippings and brittle coatings
Milling cutters Primarily for the removal of thermoplastic road / runway markings. Tipped with tungsten carbide they are cost effective and highly efficient. A range of cutter dimensions are available.
Saw Blades is the best choice to remove and leveling the surface without damage on aggregate, and through adjust the number of blades, you can create a groove on the surface.
PCD blades  idea tools to remove the thermoplastic line or remove the asphalt, concrete surface.

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Main motor power 15HP   380v 3P  25A
15HP   220V 3P  40A
Walking Method Auto Adjusting Speed 0-35M/min  1HP
Recommended Cutting Depth 6mm-8mm
Max Cutting Depth 10mm
Working Width 320mm
Weight 325KG+30KG(Iron weight)
Distance to wall 100mm


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EQ77047 Conglory Scarifier/Shaver -480V 11kW 3 Phase
EQ77048 Conglory Scarifier/Shaver -240V 11kW 3 Phase