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Concrete Polishing Steps – With Color

These steps are for a full sand exposure going dry, with dye, to a high satin or high gloss finish.

Step 1: Start grinding 30/40 grit soft or extra soft bond metal diamond. Very important to do a perpendicular pass on the second pass of the 30/40 metals. If not, you can leave lines in the concrete. *Note* If on soft concrete, you may need a medium or hard bond.
-Sweep dust after machine passes
-Change Grit. Run the machine between 400
-550 RPM

Step 2: Patch holes, cracks, and joints with RapidSet Skim Coat or CPR Repair. You want the repairs slightly overfilled but not excessively.

Step 3: Change grit to 30 BSD soft or Regular Diamonds. Very important to do a perpendicular pass on the second pass-Vacuum excess dust lying on the floor. These diamonds are fantastic and removed the 30/40 metal with ease. Run the machine between 500-600 RPM. Note: 80% of the time you can go from a 30 metal to a BSD 30 soft, however if you can not get the scratches out with the 30 BSD you will need to do a 60/80 metal before the 30 BSD soft.

Step 4: Change diamond to the Boride 100 Grit BSD Ceramics. Do an up and back pass. These are the best diamonds ever made. They last over 10,000-15,000 sqft and remove metal scratches with ease.-Vacuum excess dust lying on the floor. Run the machine between 600-700 RPM

Step 5: Change diamond to the Pantheon 200 Grit Flower resins. Do an up and back pass. Vacuum excess dust lying on the floor. You can skip the 100 grit when using the 50 BSD Ceramics and the 200 BSD Ceramics. Run the machine between 600-700 RPM

Step 6: Dye floor with the AmeriPolish Dye with Acetone or ColorSolve. Use a Green or Red tip with the sprayer.

Step 7: Apply Densifier at a rate of 200 to 400 sq ft per gallon. Pour liberally on the concrete and use a soft broom to work into the slab. Allow the Pantheon Densifier to dry overnight, if possible. If not, you can not let it dry overnight then allow it to dwell for 30 minutes or longer.

Step 8: Change diamond to the Pantheon 400 Grit Flower resins Run the machine between 700-1000 RPM

Step 9: Change to Boride Pantheon 1500 Grit Flower resins. (Can skip the 800 grit) Do this grit if you want a high gloss finish. Run the machine between 700-1,000 RPM

Step 10: Apply one coat of stain protection and burnish.

Step 11: Burnish floor (repeat step 10 & 11 if needed)



  1. L Segment – Do this grit very slow and move it out of the wall and do not do a Straight line, or you will dip the edge. The L Seg will remove the cream and create a wonderful scratch pattern. **Note** If the concrete is soft, try going to a 50 Easy Edge first. You may be able to skip the L Seg.
  2. 50 Ultra Edge
  3. 100 Ultra Edge
  4. 400 Resin.


Equipment List Needed:

  1. Grinder
  2. Vacuum
  3. Propane Burnisher
  4. Electric cord for grinder
  5. Hand Unit with shroud


Material List:

  1. 30/40 Soft or Extra Soft Grit Metal Diamond
  2. 30 BSD soft or Regular Diamonds
  3. 100 Grit Boride BSD Ceramic
  4. Pantheon 200 Grit Flower resins
  5. Pantheon 400 Grit Flower resins
  6. Pantheon 1500 Grit Flower resins
  7. Skim coat or CPR Repair
  8. Densifier
  9. Guard
  10. 18’’ Microfiber Pad/ Frame
  11. Hand-Held Sprayer
  12. 800 Burnish Pad

For ordering or any other questions, please give us a call.