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Scanmaskin – WS Diamond 12mm Double Tools #30/40

  • $32.00

The world series diamond tools by Scanmaskin are developed and chosen after much testing and research. The focus has been to achieve maximum productivity while providing good longevity. The four bonds of the World Series tools are designed for any type of floor, from hard troweled finishes to soft and rough concrete.

The ”W” shaped segments increase the airflow around the tool, which helps prevent overheating on the diamond tool. This ensures better longevity and higher productivity for the tool The tools are available in two heights 8 mm and 12 mm and four different grits.

World Series metals comes in four different options:

BLACK: Hard tool for soft floors. Mohs scale 2-3.
BLUE: Medium hard tool for regular floors. Mohs scale 3-5.
GOLD: Soft tool for hard floors. Mohs scale 5-7.
YELLOW: Super soft tool for extremely hard floors. Mohs scale 7-9

Free Shipping for all diamond orders over $300 in value. Non-diamond items are not included.
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DMD18005 30/40 Yellow, Super Soft WS Diamond 12mm Double Tools
DMD18006 30/40 Golden, Soft WS Diamond 12mm Double Tools
DMD18007 30/40 Blue, Medium WS Diamond 12mm Double Tools
DMD18008 30/40 Black, Hard WS Diamond 12mm Double Tools


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