About Us

As we all live and breathe daily, concrete work is an art that requires a high skill set, not a trade just anyone can walk into overnight.  Over the past 5+ years, our industry has been flooded with startup companies as well as companies adding polished concrete as an add on service.  Throughout this time, we have seen the quality of work and pricing decreasing while the number of competitors has skyrocketed. This is not good for the entire industry.

This is where Pantheon comes in.  When concrete polishers produce amazing sustainable results, the entire industry grows. Companies that do fantastic work at sustainable pricing is healthy competition which is good for everyone. We do NOT recruit/train new companies into this already saturated industry.  Pantheon Surface Prep Sales and Rentals was created to support EXISTING concrete prep and polishers in being the BEST they can be.  We want to work with you to take out the low-quality hack jobs from our industry and maintain the high-quality results that keep polished concrete the top choice in finished floors.

Pantheon has partnered with top manufacturers in the industry like Diamatic, Silex, NSS, Wagman, Wacker Neuson, US Saws, Blastrac, Ameripolish, Sealsource, Mapei & Versaflex. Our vendors thoroughly test every product we carry then we take our field experience and do our own tests before we offer it to our customers.  Our diamonds, for instance, are the high-quality US or South Korean made, not cheap China made diamonds that increase your labor cost and do not fully refine the polished concrete floor.

What does this mean to you?  Pantheon Surface Prep Sales and Rentals carries high quality; field tested products manufactured by the industry leaders. Quality products save you time and labor and increase the quality of your end product, i.e., profitability. Buying through Pantheon, you are buying from someone reliable you can trust.  We are fully committed to our customers.  If you are ever not satisfied with a product, send it back for a full refund. We never want you to be unhappy with a product.

Pantheon also is dedicated to providing expert technical advice to current polishers and proper training to avoid costly mistakes. We provide you with both the knowledge and the right concrete equipment and products to ensure your job is a success.

Let us work as a team to sustain the quality and integrity of our industry!!!