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About us

We are the Company that cares

Pantheon was founded to help existing contractors and to help them to become more profitable. We are not trying to get more contractors into the marketplace. Like other distribution companies, we are not selling to carpet cleaners or janitors and bringing them into the coating and polishing business. Pantheon understands this only hurts existing contractors, so we will never actively create more competition for you.

We offer pricing support, spec support, and our diamonds are the best in the business. Labor is your #1 cost in your business, and we offer products that save you time and labor costs.

Pantheon Surface Prep Sales and Rentals carries high-quality, field-tested products manufactured by industry leaders. Quality products save you time and labor and increase the quality of your end product, i.e., profitability. Buying through Pantheon, you are buying from someone reliable you can trust. We are fully committed to our customers. If you are ever not satisfied with a product, send it back for a full refund. We never want you to be unhappy with a product.
Pantheon also is dedicated to providing expert technical advice to current polishers and proper training to avoid costly mistakes. In addition, we provide you with both the knowledge and the right concrete equipment and products to ensure your job is a success.

Let us work as a team to sustain the quality and integrity of our industry


Certified Service Technicians

It is essential to have a certified technician fix your equipment. Time is money, and having your equipment running correctly is what we will provide.


100% Customer Satisfaction

If you ever have an issue with a service or product, call us and we will make it right.


Fast Delivery

Same-day Shipping for orders placed before 12PM. We have excellent shipping and freight rates with multiple carriers.

Top products at the best price

You will not find a lower price on the high-end products we carry. Boride, Scanmaskin, Crown Polymer, Rapid Set, Bartell, Husqvarna, Wagman, Wacker etc.

  • 7″ Easy Edge

    • Day Rate

      $130.00 / Day
    Easy Edges
    • Aggressive grind with superb fnish.
    • Blends well with the foor.
    • Eliminates gouging.
    • One tool for hard and soft concrete
    FB Product Number CW06248 - 7" Easy Edge Coarse 30 Grit CW06249 - 7" Easy Edge Coarse 50 Grit CW06250 - 7" Easy Edge Medium 100 Grit CW06251 - 7" Easy Edge Fine 270 Grit CW06252 - 7" Easy Edge Fine 400 Grit  
    Free Shipping for all diamond orders over $300 in value. Non-diamond items are not included.
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  • 20%OFF!

    Ashford Formula

    • Day Rate

      $95.00$919.00 / Day
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  • Pantheon – Guardeon Guard

    • Day Rate

      $425.00$4,050.00 / Day
    GUARDEON may be used on newly polished concrete, colored concrete, concrete toppings and for restoring existing surfaces. This reactive micro-impregnating polymer gives surfaces higher gloss, and increased abrasion and stain resistance, while lowering maintenance costs. Apply with a micro-fiber pad and applicator then burnish with a diamond impregnated pads to create a glossy finish with excellent wear properties and extended life. ADVANTAGES
    • Imparts high-gloss reflectivity when burnished
    • Resistant to whitening
    • Non-streaking, fast curing protective treatment
    • Heavy-duty protection against stains
    • Superior clarity, will not peel, flake or fade
    • Interior use only
    • Leaves shiny, long lasting, reflective surface
    • Easy-to-use, water-based formula
    • Easy to maintain & re-apply – chemically bonds
    • VOC compliant, environmentally friendly
    FB Product Number: CH00003 - Guardeon Guard 5 Gallon CH00004 - Guardeon Guard 1 Gallon CH00005 - Guardeon Guard 55 Gallon Drum
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  • Pantheon – Panthifier Densifier

    • Day Rate

      $115.00$1,147.00 / Day
    PANTHIFIER Lithium Densifier is an economical cost effective chemical treatment used to enhance the grinding and polishing process (metal and resin bonded abrasives) of architectural polished concrete surfaces. PANTHIFIER rapidly produces a harder denser surface that is easily profiled and polished. Its deep penetrating, non-soluble properties provide longer life and higher reflectivity. Ultimately this results in superior durability, exceptional gloss retention and reduced maintenance costs. PANTHIFIER™ is crucial to the installation of the ultra surfaces when polishing or re-polishing and restoring worn or damaged surfaces. With proper installation PANTHIFIER™ will not leave a clouding effect that can be difficult to remove. PANTHIFIER™ is easy to apply and user friendly requiring only one treatment with no need for brooming or rinsing. Using PANTHIFIER™ will improve the service life of resin bonded abrasives and speed up the process of polishing the substrate. The treatment will not contribute to alkali silica reactivity (ASR) and inhibits alkali salts (efflorescence) and sweating in concrete surfaces. ADVANTAGES
    • Deepens clarity and heightens reflectivity
    • Penetrates, seals existing hardened floors
    • Improves chemical and water resistance
    • Increases abrasion resistance
    • Reduces alkalinity / efflorescence
    • Extends the service life of the floor
    • User friendly, non-whitening
    • Easy to use and maintain
    • Environmentally friendly – VOC compliant
    • Interior / exterior use
    FB Product Number CH00000 - Panthifier Densifier 5 Gallon CH00001 - Panthifier Densifier 1 Gallon CH00002 - Panthifier Densifier 55 Gallon Drum
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  • Racatac (3″ Casters) Including Chest Support

    • Day Rate

      $295.00 / Day

    Product Specifications

    • OVERALL LENGTH INCHES: 29 (73.66 cm)
    • CAPACITY: 300 Lbs.
    • HEIGHT INCHES: 24 (60.96 cm)
    • LENGTH INCHES: 26 (66.04 cm)
    • TRAY DIMENSIONS INCHES: 8 x 17 x 1
    • COLOR FINISH: Black
    • WHEEL DIAMETER INCHES: 3 (7.62 cm)
    • DESCRIPTION: Kneeling/Sitting Creeper w/Chest support
    • WEIGHT LBS: 12.5 (5.68 kg)
    • WIDTH INCHES: 19-1/2 (49.53 cm)
    Call us to Rent: +1 720-504-5800
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