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Ashford Formula

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    Ashford has been a leader in concrete densification for decades. The Ashford Formula is a colorless transparent liquid that penetrates and densifies with a unique and unmatched catalytic chemistry. Nearly 70 years ago, the Ashford Formula was developed as an alternative to coatings. When this product first came on the market, there were many skeptics who could not believe that one product could permanently make floor surfaces resistant to abrasion, easy to clean and free of troublesome concrete dust.

    Almost seven decades of performance have proven them wrong. These permanent results are achieved through the unique and unmatched catalytic chemistry. The concept is very simple: a concrete floor surface is internally densified through a process of crystalline growth. This chemical densification process hardens the concrete into one solid mass and locks up the dust. Because the chemistry is inorganic, there is nothing to wear out, scratch or peel.


    Concrete floors need to be durable. The Ashford Formula makes concrete abrasion resistant. In fact, abrasion testing shows that an Ashford Formula treated floor will be 32% harder within the first 30 minutes of treatment. The treated concrete will continue to harden over time. The Ashford Formula also acts as a supplement to your hardener. .


    When used as a curing agent, the Ashford Formula slows the outward migration of water from concrete. Its chemical reaction forms a densified barrier that reduces shrinkage, reduces cracking and reduces hairline checking. And, we have the testing to prove it. .


    Concrete floors need to be free of dust. Concrete naturally creates dust from efflorescence, which then settles on finished goods, racks and equipment. The Ashford Formula combines with the concrete salts present in concrete to become an integral part of the concrete, thus completely dustproofing the surface. This substantially reduces maintenance costs and protects sensitive equipment and manufactured products from dust particles. By locking down and preventing concrete dust, it effectively preps your concrete surface for next steps. You can apply adhesives, caulking compounds, or floor coverings and be confident that you’ll achieve a proper bond.


    The Ashford Formula reduces construction costs. It requires only one, permanent application. This eliminates the need to apply a curing membrane, which requires removal from the floor at a later time.  When used at the time of placement, the Ashford Formula also significantly reduces crazing, or “map cracking” because it stabilizes the surface. This property of the Ashford Formula makes it especially useful for outdoor applications because it makes the concrete resistant to freeze-thaw damage. The Ashford Formula eliminates the need for repeated applications of urethanes, waxes, acrylics and other expensive maintenance-intensive floor coatings.

    Because the Ashford Formula permanently densifies concrete, foreign matter such as oil, alkali, free lime, and traffic scum are easily removed with regular cleaning. In fact, Ashford Formula is extremely effective at alkali neutralization. Alakali are brought up to the concrete surface and can simply be washed away during the application of the formula – while deeper alkalis are locked in. A regular maintenance program is highly recommended for any floor to remove surface contaminants and any acids or other corrosive materials should be removed immediately from the floor.


    Steel troweled concrete floors treated with the Ashford Formula also take on a permanent and attractive marble-like sheen. The longer these floors are subjected to cleaning and traffic, the better they look. Floors treated with the Ashford Formula also have fewer tire marks from forklifts and other equipment. If tire marks do occur, they can be easily removed.

  • Colorless
  • Odorless
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-combustible
  • Non-flammable
  • Contains NO Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)


  • Concrete, new and old, rough or smooth surfaces
  • Concrete block
  • Exposed aggregate
  • Any sand/aggregate cement combinations


  • Seals, dust proofs, hardens, and cures
  • Protects against dusting, pitting, palling, efflorescence, temperature cracking in concrete
  • Inhibits freeze/thaw deterioration
  • Neutralizes excess internal alkali from concrete


  • 55 Gallon / 208 Liters Drums
  • 5 Gallon / 19 Liters Pails


  • Two years; agitate drum or pail before using


  • Freshly Finished Concrete: no preparation required
  • Existing Concrete: sweep, scrub, or strip concrete to remove any surface contamination or film; product must be able to penetrate the surface without hindrance


  • Single application only; apply with low-pressure sprayer (power), rollers, brush, or fine/soft bristled broom


  • Approximately 200 ft2/gal (5 m2/L); coverage depends on the the temperature and porosity of the concrete


  • Soap and water


  • One to three hours; the surface may be used as soon as the application is complete and the surface is again dry to the touch; newly laid surfaces require the normal hardening period


  • Smooth Troweled Concrete: permanent, marble-like sheen develops within 4-12 months; burnishing the concrete surface with a propane burnisher will accelerate the sheen
  • All Other Concrete Surfaces: retention of natural finish


  • Apply in temperatures up to 135º F/57ºC or as low as 35ºF/1.7ºC if the concrete is covered by plastic and completely protected from freezing for a period of 6 days


  • No thinners or primers required
  • Painting on New Concrete: allow at least 7 drying days before applying quality grade paint on existing concrete
  • Painting on Existing Concrete: allow 28 days for proper curing before painting new concrete


  • Apply to colored concrete only after the slab is fully cured; do not get on glass or other finished surface


  • Do Not Apply the Ashford Formula to:
    • Lightweight block or other extremely porous masonry containing actual holes or air pockets
    • Areas previously treated with curing or sealing agents, unless these coatings have completely worn off or have been removed by chemical or mechanical means

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Applying the Ashford Formula does not require a lot of time, or involve complicated procedures. If applying to existing concrete, the floor needs to be prepared so that it is clean, bare concrete. This means that curing agents, dirt, paints, coatings, bondbreakers, oil spills and other contaminants are stripped and/or removed completely.

For optimum performance, the Ashford Formula must be able to penetrate the surface so it can react with the concrete.Only one application of the Ashford Formula is needed to permanently densify the concrete surface.


  1. The normal application procedure (whether new or existing concrete) is to spray the Ashford Formula on the surface of the slab with a low-pressure, high volume sprayer. Airless sprayers are not recommended.
  2. The material should be applied at approximately 200 ft2/gal (5 m2/L) to achieve a flood coat on the floor surface. This means that when someone steps on the applied material, the footprint of their shoe should disappear within 3 or 4 seconds.
  3. Once a flood coat has been achieved, the material should be agitated with fine-bristled brooms to help it penetrate the surface of the concrete.
  4. The material should dwell on the surface for a minimum of 30 minutes and become gel-like or slippery.  In hot conditions, it may become slippery prematurely. If this occurs, it is necessary to fog or mist the floor with water to keep the Ashford Formula in a liquid state for the entire 30-minute period.
  5. When the Ashford Formula turns slippery after the 30 minutes has elapsed, it can be flushed away with water.
  6. While the water is on the slab, the surface should be broomed to loosen all excess Ashford Formula from the surface of the concrete. Squeegee dry. Allow to dry for 2 to 3 hours.
  7. The final flush, broom, and squeegee steps can also be accomplished with an automatic scrubbing machine. These machines can dispense the needed water, broom, vacuum, and squeegee dry, all in one easy pass.

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CH02051 – Ashford Formula 5 Gallon
CH03155 – Ashford Formula 55 Gallon Drum


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