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Ameripolish Classic Dye

  • Solvent-based, mixes with acetone, available in 22 colors
  • Colors penetrate the surface and never wear off
  • Will not grind off during resin-grinding stages of polished concrete
  • Coordinate with AmeriPolish Edge Tints for a seamless wall-to-wall floor solution
  • For indoor use only
  • Coverage rate is approximately 400-700 sq ft per gallon

Originally designed specifically for polished and exposed concrete, the AmeriPolish Classic dyes penetrate into the surface of the concrete slab for extremely long lasting color that will not wear from daily usage. Classic dyes can be used as a base color or touch up for concrete that has received integral color, dry shake hardenrs, acid stains, or even layered to create a truly unique, mottled effect.

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Safety Data Sheet

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Color Chart

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FB Product Number

COL00050 Classic 5 Gallon Patriot Blue Dye
COL00500 Classic 5 Gallon Turquoise Dye
COL01024 Classic Sample Gold Dye
COL01025 Classic Sample Raw Sienna Dye
COL01026 Classic Sample Caramel Dye
COL01027 Classic Sample Sand Dye
COL01028 Classic Sample Terra Cotta Dye
COL01029 Classic Sample Mahogany Dye
COL01030 Classic Sample Saddle Brown Dye
COL01031 Classic Sample Walnut Dye
COL01032 Classic Sample Burnt Sienna Dye
COL01033 Classic Sample Chestnut Dye
COL01034 Classic Sample Maroon Dye
COL01035 Classic Sample Sepia Dye
COL01036 Classic Sample Eggplant Dye
COL01037 Classic Sample Gray Dye
COL01038 Classic Sample Black Dye
COL01039 Classic Sample Midnight Black Dye
COL01040 Classic Sample Patriot Blue Dye
COL01041 Classic Sample Turquoise Dye
COL01042 Classic Sample Slate Blue Dye
COL01043 Classic Sample Green Dye
COL01044 Classic Sample Pine Green Dye
COL01045 Classic Sample Forest Green Dye
COL01046 Classic Sample Chocolate Brown Dye
COL01047 Classic Sample Red Dye
COL01048 Classic Quart Gold Dye
COL01049 Classic Quart Raw Sienna Dye
COL01050 Classic Quart Caramel Dye
COL01051 Classic Quart Sand Dye
COL01052 Classic Quart Terra Cotta Dye
COL01053 Classic Quart Mahogany Dye
COL01054 Classic Quart Saddle Brown Dye
COL01055 Classic Quart Walnut Dye
COL01056 Classic Quart Burnt Sienna Dye
COL01057 Classic Quart Chestnut Dye
COL01058 Classic Quart Maroon Dye
COL01059 Classic Quart Sepia Dye
COL01060 Classic Quart Eggplant Dye
COL01061 Classic Quart Gray Dye
COL01062 Classic Quart Black Dye
COL01063 Classic Quart Midnight Black Dye
COL01064 Classic Quart Patriot Blue Dye
COL01065 Classic Quart Turquoise Dye
COL01066 Classic Quart Slate Blue Dye
COL01067 Classic Quart Green Dye
COL01069 Classic Quart Forest Green Dye
COL01070 Classic Quart Chocolate Brown Dye
COL01071 Classic Quart Red Dye
COL01072 Classic Gallon Gold Dye
COL01073 Classic Gallon Raw Sienna Dye
COL01074 Classic Gallon Caramel Dye
COL01075 Classic Gallon Sand Dye
COL01076 Classic Gallon Terra Cotta Dye
COL01077 Classic Gallon Mahogany Dye
COL01078 Classic Gallon Saddle Brown Dye
COL01079 Classic Gallon Walnut Dye
COL01080 Classic Gallon Burnt Sienna Dye
COL01081 Classic Gallon Chestnut Dye
COL01082 Classic Gallon Maroon Dye
COL01083 Classic Gallon Sepia Dye
COL01084 Classic Gallon Eggplant Dye
COL01085 Classic Gallon Gray Dye
COL01086 Classic Gallon Black Dye
COL01087 Classic Gallon Midnight Black Dye
COL01088 Classic Gallon Patriot Blue Dye
COL01089 Classic Gallon Turquoise Dye
COL01090 Classic Gallon Slate Blue Dye
COL01091 Classic Gallon Green Dye
COL01092 Classic Gallon Pine Green Dye
COL01093 Classic Gallon Forest Green Dye
COL01094 Classic Gallon Chocolate Brown Dye
COL01095 Classic Gallon Red Dye
COL01096 Classic 5 Gallon Gold Dye
COL01097 Classic 5 Gallon Raw Sienna Dye
COL01098 Classic 5 Gallon Caramel Dye
COL01099 Classic 5 Gallon Sand Dye
COL01100 Classic 5 Gallon Terra Cotta Dye
COL01101 Classic 5 Gallon Mahogany Dye
COL01102 Classic 5 Gallon Saddle Brown
COL01103 Classic 5 Gallon Walnut
COL01104 Classic 5 Gallon Burnt Sienna Dye
COL01105 Classic 5 Gallon Chestnut Dye
COL01106 Classic 5 Gallon Maroon Dye
COL01107 Classic 5 Gallon Sepia Dye
COL01108 Classic 5 Gallon Eggplant Dye
COL01109 Classic 5 Gallon Gray Dye
COL01110 Classic 5 Gallon Black Dye
COL01111 Classic 5 Gallon Midnight Black Dye
COL01114 Classic 5 Gallon Slate Blue Dye
COL01115 Classic 5 Gallon Green Dye
COL01116 Classic 5 Gallon Pine Green Dye
COL01117 Classic 5 Gallon Forest Green Dye
COL01118 Classic 5 Gallon Chocolate Brown Dye
COL01120 Classic Half Set of Samples (12) Dye
COL01121 Classic Complete Set of Samples (24) Dye


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