Rapid Gel

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Rapid Gel


Benefits of Rapid Gel

  • Absorb more liquid by weight than organic absorbents
  • Retain liquid under pressure
  • Resist biodegradation
  • Does not need to be mixed if applied during every dump of the concrete slurry from your walk behind scrubbers and vacuums.
  • Rapid Gel was designed in a large particle size in order for your employee’s not to breathe the dust. Other products dust when applying and float away in high winds.
  • After using the Rapid Gel to solidify the slurry, the resulting solid will pass EPA Test 9095.

EPA Test 9095 is commonly called the Paint Filter Test.  Passing this test means the solidified material is suitable for placement into the local landfill because there are no free liquids present.

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Pantheon Rapid Gel

is a product that is used to harden the concrete slurry.

Rapid Gel is 100% safe for land fills.

The unique characteristics of Rapid Gel, including its ability to absorb water or any organic fluids and retain liquid under pressure, make them ideal for waste disposal in landfills.

At $2 a pound it is a very economical alternative to Congelz ($5 a pound) and other suppliers.

Rapid Gel is a super absorbent media that is cost-effective and has better absorbency alternative to other bulk sorbents.

How is Rapid Gel Used?

  • Applied into concrete wet slurry at about 1 bag per 10 yards of slurry. 2 to 2.5 bags will do a large dumpster.
  • Sprinkle a little Rapid Gel after every dump in order not to have to mix the product into the slurry.
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