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  • Rapid Gel

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      $110.00 / Day
    <div style="background: black; text-align: center;"><img style="display: block;" src="" width="100%" height="auto" /><img style="display: block;" src="/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Rapid-Gel-Logo-2.jpg" width="100%" height="auto" /></div> <h4>Benefits of Rapid Gel</h4> <ul> <li>Absorb more liquid by weight than organic absorbents</li> <li>Retain liquid under pressure</li> <li>Resist biodegradation</li> <li>Does not need to be mixed if applied during every dump of the concrete slurry from your walk behind scrubbers and vacuums.</li> <li>Rapid Gel was designed in a large particle size in order for your employee’s not to breathe the dust. Other products dust when applying and float away in high winds.</li> <li>After using the Rapid Gel to solidify the slurry, the resulting solid will pass EPA Test 9095.</li> </ul> <b>EPA Test 9095 </b>is commonly called the Paint Filter Test.  Passing this test means the solidified material is suitable for placement into the local landfill because there are no free liquids present.
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