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Ameripolish Rejuvenating Cleaner

  • $550.00


  • Concentrated cleaner that removes daily debris from hard surfaces
  • Contains chemical analogues to SR2 that reinforce stain protection
  • Contains no harsh chemicals
  • Environmentally friendly, biodegradable
  • Easy to use tilt measure bottle
  • Low VOC, VOC compliant
  • Ideal for daily cleaning of polished concrete, terrazzo, epoxy, urethane and other hard surface flooring

Ameripolish Rejuvenating Cleaner removes daily debris from hard surfaces while simultaneously reinforcing the sealer to extend the life of your polished concrete floors! Infused with trace amounts of densifier and stain-resistant additives (chemical analogs to SR2), Rejuvenating Cleaner improves the density and stain-resistance of your floors after every cleaning. Regular use of Rejuvenating Cleaner even allows the reapplication of Ameripolish SR2 as far out as every 2 years. This concentrated, multipurpose cleaner can be used with standard auto scrubbing equipment on a daily basis. It will remove tracked-in dirt and grime without etching or damaging the floor. It leaves behind no harsh chemical residue or sticky buildup. Rejuvenating Cleaner is an environmentally friendly, biodegradable cleaner. This low-VOC/VOC-compliant formula is ideal for use in eco-conscious facilities. Packaged in an easy-to-use tilt measure bottle, Rejuvenating Cleaner is designed to minimize waste and ensure proper dilution with every use.

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  • Large auto scrubber: 8 oz of product to 30 gallons of water
  • Small/medium auto scrubber: 4 oz of product to 15 gallons of water
  • Mop/bucket: 1 oz of product to 5 gallons of water

Directions: Apply Rejuvenating Cleaner with an auto scrubber or mop diluting the cleaner with the appropriate ratios as listed above. The auto scrubber should be fitted with a non-aggressive cleaning brush or pad. Do not perform regular maintenance with aggressive pads, such as diamond-impregnated pads or other abrasives. Use of aggressive pads will wear away stain protection and, in time, wear away color from the concrete surface. Clean the auto-scrubber according to the manufacturer’s directions. After cleaning, allow drying before traffic resumes. Between cleanings, remove dust and debris with a microfiber pad or dry mop. Check wear of floor on a regular basis to determine if Stain Protector needs to be re-applied.

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CH01612 Rejuvenating Cleaner 5 Gal (64 gal RTU)


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