Edge Tint Part A

Edge Tint Part A



  • Available in 22 AmeriPolish coordinating colors
  • Creates uniform edges and borders to eliminate edge work
  • Resists most oil, grease and food stains
  • Coverage rate is approximately 800-1,000 linear feet, four inches wide with two coats

Available for Dropship
Not Available for Local Pick-up.

The first part of the two part Ameripolish Edge Tint is A that is an acrylic blend to fill in color of the unreachable corners.

Ameripolish Edge Tint is a two part special mixture that fills in color for those too tight of spaces. The acrylic Sealer mixture, Part A and the Dye coloring pack, Part B enables the user to apply color along edges, footings, and hard to reach areas. A gallon of mixture allows color to cover 200-250 square feet of corners and edges where you are unable to grind and/or polish. Ameripolish Edge Tint comes in two parts which are mixed together for easy use.

Color or tint your tight cracks and corners with the two-part mixable Ameripolish EdgeTint. Refer to the MSDS sheet for correct handling directions, specifications, and warnings.

Weight 7.56 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 8 in


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