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Trainings: Pantheon Joint Pump

In this Video, Shawn Weaver from Pantheon Surface Prep provides a demo of the SB2005 Polyurea Joint Pump. The pump is ideal for use as a joint filler and concrete crack repair.

Developed and constructed at our Southern California location, the SB2005 is our original, industry-leading, dual-component polyurea pump. Recognized for its toughness and trustworthiness, the SB2005 offers a heavy-duty welded steel framework and high-quality stainless steel storage tanks. The storage tanks have a 6.7 gallon capacity that makes it easy to load with a complete 5-gallon bucket of material. Speed and power control is already integrated into the applicator wand-making use by a single operator a breeze. An included battery/inverter/charging system permits cord-free operation and the pump can always be run on standard 110 power.

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