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Boride – 3″ BSD Ceramic STANDARD (No Boss)

  • $38.72

Made with Blue Star Diamond Technology™, the BSD is designed as a ceramic diamond grinding process to follow the metal bond process.

The result of this diamond is a superior floor with reduced steps

Product Features

  • Reduces metal bond diamond steps
  • Consistent scratch
  • Excellent Finish
  • Long life (9,000-15,000 sq. feet)
  • Used wet or dry (preferred dry)

These diamonds are designed to run on medium and large planetary and rotary machines. They can also be used on small machines(and weights if necessary).

Works well on hard, medium, and soft concrete.

Free Shipping for all diamond orders over $300 in value. Non-diamond items are not included.
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Product Video

FB Product Number

DMD07127 BSD 3″ 100 grit NO BOSS
DMD07130 BSD 3″ 50 Grit NO BOSS
DMD07131 BSD 3″ 400 grit NO BOSS
DMD07134 BSD 3″ 30 grit NO BOSS
DMD07135 BSD 3″ 80 Grit NO BOSS
DMD07137 BSD 3″ 200 grit NO BOSS


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