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Concrete Floor Scrubbers: Sales & Rentals in Orange County, CA

Concrete Floor Scrubbers: Sales & Rentals in Orange County, CA

Scrubbers Available at our Orange County location in Cypress

Orange county concrete contractors who need floor cleaning equipment for their concrete flooring will find the cleaning equipment that they need at our Cypress, CA location. We have commercial / industrial floor scrubber machines which adept for keeping larger areas – like warehouses and factory floors clean and free of dirt, debris, and grime. Some of these scrubbers carry 30 gallons or more of water and are able to able to clean more than 20,000 square feet or more per hour.

If you need a solution to keep your concrete floors clean, check out our featured products below:

Ride On And Walk Behind Floor Scrubber Rental

We have an extensive collection of ride on and walk behind floor scrubbers available for rental. You can either pick up your scrubber at our Cypress, CA showroom, or take advantage of our concrete equipment delivery services.

All Scrubbers In Stock – Delivery Available

Need your equipment delivered? No problem. We deliver to job sites across Orange County and Southern California. Call us for details and delivery area information.

Training on Floor Scrubbers

The right tool won’t help if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s why we offer training on all of our rental equipment. We’ll show you how to properly operate your scrubber so that you know you’ll get your concrete job done right.

Concrete Floor Scrubber Parts and Supplies

We’re a one stop shop for all things related to concrete polishing. Don’t know what diamonds to use? We’re concrete polishing experts. We know the exact diamond polishing pads you’ll need for the equipment that you’re using. In addition to heavy equipment, we also carry the tools and accessories you need for your concrete job. Concrete diamond pads, Concrete hardeners, and replacement parts for concrete equipment are all in stock.

New and Used Electric & Propane Concrete Floor Scrubber Sales

In addition to our floor scrubber rental options, we also have a wide array of ride on and walk behind floor scrubbers available for sale. Sales options include both new and used equipment. Our used models that are available for sale are from our rental equipment stock and have been maintained and serviced by our expert mechanics.

Other Concrete Equipment Solutions

We offer a complete line of concrete polishing equipment rental options for you next big concrete project. Our equipment list includes concrete floor scrapers, concrete scarifiers, concrete floor scrubbers, HEPA vacuums, shot blasters for concrete prep, and much more equipment all available for rental.

Don’t have a concrete but looking to get another type of floor surface clean? No problem. Many of the floor scrubbers we have in stock can work with terrazzo in addition to polished concrete. If you have a different surface you’re struggling to keep clean – like, stone, tile, or marble, we might be able to help. Call us to see if we have the right equipment to help you with your floor care needs.

Our Location in Orange County

Come on down and visit our showroom which contains concrete floor scrubbers and all the other equipment you need to get your job done right. We’re located at 5556 Corporate Avenue Cypress, California 90630.

View All of Our Floor Scrubbers

View all of our Concrete Floor Scrubbers