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Wagman's PRODIACC pads were designed specifically for highly productive wet processing underneath a power trowel with the patented Revolution Rotary System. They feature world-class long-life diamond technology for superb refinement, a clever easy-to-change disposable pad design, and are uniquely suited for wet power-trowel based grinding, honing, and polishing.

PRODIACC pads are specifically engineered for use with the patented Wagman Revolution GHP System on power trowels.

  • The pads are a poly-reinforced orbital diamond cushion composite
  • High performance design promotes long wear life and efficiency of the diamonds
  • Productivity increases dramatically over traditional methods due to the “passive planetary” action of the patented Wagman Revolution Rotary System
  • Composite pad simplifies the process of grinding, honing, and polishing concrete, reduces maintenance labor with fewer pad changes with no loose or broken pucks to fix
  • Multiple diamond matrix per pad allows for fast grit level changes, thus reducing labor costs even more
  • PRODIACC pads complement the Wagman Revolution Rotary System

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