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Easy Edge Concrete Polishing Diamonds

Easy Edge™ Diamond Products

Best Prices on Easy Edge Diamonds in the USA

Save significant amounts of time and eliminate the discomfort of doing edge work with the Easy Edge ™.

Made with Blue Star Diamond Technology ™, Easy Edge™. features an innovative design that enhances the quality of edge work while minimizing the scrapes, scratches, smiles and grooves that metal cup wheels create.

Easy Edge™ Features

  • Fewer steps and less time needed to get a great edge than traditional edge machines
  • Variety of grit options available
  • Diamonds are usable in both wet and dry environments
  • Great Finish with an aggressive grind
  • Blends well with the floor
  • Prevents scratches and gouging that metal cup wheels create
  • Less physical labor than traditional edgers
  • Lightweight design that is simple to use
  • Quick mounting system

Easy Edge™ Product List

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Video Demonstration

Learn more in the video below about how the product works.


Our concrete grinding diamonds work with most hand grinders and walk-behind edgers that utilize wheel sizes of 4″, 5″, 6″ or 7″.  Just review the max operational speed on the wheel to make sure it is compatible with your grinder’s operating speed RPM. Do not surpass the maximum speed of the wheel.

Frequently Asked Questions about Easy Edge™

Will it Work on all Concrete and Terrazzo?

Yes – these edging products work great on hard, medium and soft surface.

Will it Work in both Dry and Wet Environments?

Yes, the products are designed to work well for wet or dry surfaces.

What Grit Options are Available?

Grit options start at 30 grit and go up to 400 grit:


Who is the Manufacturer

Blue Star Diamond Technology

What Finish Options are Available?

  • coarse
  • medium
  • fine