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Ameripolish – SwissMex Acetone Sprayer

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Material Handling: directly from the pump sprayer
Maximum PSI: 30psi / 40psi (depending on sprayer size)
Equipped with a convenient carry strap
Viton Pumps support the following materials: solvents and hydrocarbons such as: curing compounds, acetone, form release, form oils, diesel, xylene-sealers and water-based sealers
EPDM pumps support the following materials: alcohol and ketones, such as acetone dye, soaps and water-based sealers


Patriot Spray Safe System 150
NOT C02 Compatible
1 or 3.5 gallon capacity
Material Flow Rate: dependent on spray tip size

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Swissmex acetone sprayers are the leader in chemical resistant handheld tank sprayers. These sprayers are designed to deliver a consistent spray for applying dyes, sealers and densifiers. The flow rate (dependent on tip size) will output 5 gallons for the smaller size sprayer and 10 gallons for the larger sprayer approximately in one hour. These sprayers are equipped with convenient carry straps. This is one of the most widely used, most trusted brands for decorative and polished concrete applications. You will receive the best, most consistent results when applying your dyes and sealers with these sprayers. Whether for dyes, densifiers or sealers, this offers the best system for ease, consistency and safety.

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Weight 8.38 lbs
Dimensions 8.75 × 9 × 27.88 in

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SUPP01839 SwissMex Acetone Sprayer


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