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Boride – 3″ 8 Segment Ceramic Premium Transitional STANDARD (No Boss)

  • $84.05

1 x Transitional Ceramic 75mm Pad. Produced using Boride’s Blue Star Diamond Technology each Premium 8 segment pad is designed to transition from metal bond diamond concrete grinding to resin based concrete polishing. Transitional diamond segments eliminate scratches left by metal bond segments, potentially eliminating several steps in the concrete polishing process.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduces overall number of polishing and grinding stages
  • Mounts with hook and loop velcro
  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Long lifespan of tooling will grind aprox. 1110-1850 m² of concrete
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Boride Ceramic Bond Grinding Pads are a huge step forward in concrete grinding. Metal bond segments grind away the surface of concrete floors. However, they risk leaving scratches and gouges as the sharp edges scrape the concrete. These scratches have to be removed during the polishing stages. A Boride ceramic bond grinding pad can reduce the scratches concrete grinding usually generates. Each pad, or puck as they are also known, is made of diamond grit suspended in ceramic material. They do not have the hard edges of metal segments, but they are hard enough to grind concrete.

Boride Ceramic Bond Grinding Pads are used to transition between grinding and polishing. Introducing ceramic bond tools between these processes decreases the number of polishing steps needed to finish the floor. This can increase the profit on a concrete polishing project, as both time and material costs are reduced.

A ceramic bond grinding pad is designed to run on medium and large planetary grinders or rotary polishing machines. They can be used on smaller machines, although additional weights may need to be added. The amount needed will vary between machines. Each ceramic pad has a Velcro backing, colour coded for ease of use. Available in 30, 50, 100 and 200 grit size. You can select either soft or medium bond ceramic pads. The soft bond pads are suitable for hard and very hard concrete. For all other floors we advise using the medium bond pads. We recommend polishing a small sample of the floor with the tools and chemicals you intend to use, so you can tailor the process to the specific concrete conditions.

Additional information

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FB Product Number

DMD07156 3″ Premium Transitionals 50 grit 8 Seg NO BOSS
DMD07157 3″ Premium Transitionals 100 grit 8 Seg NO BOSS
DMD07158 3″ Premium Transitionals 400 grit 8 Seg NO BOSS


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