Diamatic – 27″ Flor-Grit™ Micro Polishing Pads

Diamatic – 27″ Flor-Grit™ Micro Polishing Pads


Flor-Grit Micro Polishing Pads

Diamatic has introduced Flor-Grit Micro Polishing Pads as part of the ULTRAFLOR process. They are designed for use in the Micro Polishing System, utilizing the Diamatic propane micro polisher.

Extremely durable, these chemical-free Flor-Grit Micro Polishing Pads can last up to 10,000 sq.ft.

Flor-Grit Micro Polishing Pads are natural, flexible strands of protein fiber, processed and compressed; impregnated with various grits of industrial, micro diamonds; and then precision cut into circular pads. They are manufactured in 800, 1500, and 3000 grit, specifically for use as part of the Ultra-Flor Micro Polishing System. Each is color coded on the back for easy grit identification.

When diamond grinding to prepare concrete surfaces, it is recommended to use a lithium-silicate densifier before final polishing with Flor-Grit Micro Polishing Pads.

Flor-Grit Micro Polishing Pads are also perfect for achieving and maintaining a high-polish shine on concrete without application of additional coatings.

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