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Gorilla Concrete Tools – GCT-14 Series II Dustless Concrete Saw

  • $3,995.00


  • Heavy-duty ¼” thick steel frame with no precast components
  • 2” primary and secondary dust port tubes
  • Minimum 300 CFM dust extractor system
  • With 1” blade arbor for ¾” wide blades
  • Blade depth gauge for up to 4” cutting depth
  • Blade site door for accurate cutting stops and starts
  • 4-point hold down system for easy transport
  • Engine: Honda GX390 11.7 HP 3600 rpm
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Overview for Gorilla Concrete Tools GCT-14 Series II Dustless Concrete Saw

The Gorilla GCT-14 / GCT 14 Series II Dustless Concrete Saw is a reliable power tool for cutting concrete, masonry, brick, asphalt, tile, and other solid materials. It combines the O.S.H.A-compliant dust control technology with a reliable, fuel-powered Honda GX390 11.7 HP engine for an efficient and safe concrete saw. Featuring a ¼-inch thick steel frame construction with no precast components, it is heavy-duty and long-lasting.

This Gorilla dustless concrete saw features a one-inch blade arbor that is held securely by four bolt flange bearings and can stack ¾-inch wide blades 8 to 14 inches in length. It is equipped with a blade depth gauge and a depth control wheel with quick lock for easy cutting depth adjustment up to four inches. It also comes with a blade site door to ensure accurate stops and starts when cutting.

The Gorilla GCT-14 Series II Dustless Concrete Saw includes two-inch primary and secondary dust port tubes. It has minimum 300 CFM dust extractor system for guaranteed excellent dust control. It allows convenient transport with its four-point hold down system and two large lifting points on its front and back.

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Weight 200 lbs

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Gorilla GCT-14 Series II Dustless Concrete Saw


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