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NSS – Do No harm Ecostrip Pad, box of 2

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Damp stripping or deep scrubbing VCT and Terrazzo floors has never been easier than with the Do No Harm Ecostrip pad from NSS Enterprise. Reove yellow top coats with just water, leaving a surface that is ready for additional finish or burnishing. Ecostrip pads use an abrasive coating not found in other stripping pads to turn the top coat of finish into a slurry which is easily collected by an automatic scrubber. Ecostrio pads can be used with most Wrangler and Champ scrubbers and any NSS floor machine.

– Damp-strip floors without any chemicals: no odor, no splatter, easy clean up and disposal of stripped finish
– As easy as scrubbing a floor
– Damp strip without taking an area out of commission
– Use both sides of the pad. Rinse with water and re-use up to five times per side.

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Additional information

Weight 0.63 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 2 in

FB Product Number

PAD03018 14″ Do No harm Ecostrip Pad, box of 2
PAD03019 17″ Do No Harm Ecostrip Pad, box of 2
PAD03020 20″ Do No Harm Ecostrip Pad, box of 2


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