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Wagman – 14″ GHP PAD DRIVER

Wagman Metal Products introduces PRODIACC Diamond Pads, for concrete polishing with a power trowel. Made with the highest quality polishing abrasives available. The patented Revolution rotary system follows the contour of the floor. Quick and easy tooling changes saves valuable time on the job site. Simply the fastest, most efficient way to process concrete.

The bearing driven Rotary System allows the Revolution Rotaries to spin with the trowel’s spider arm while revolving the opposite way on their own axis. This creates a scrubbing pattern that is ideal for stripping, scrubbing and cleaning while prolonging the life of the brushes.

This 14″ GHP Pad Driver attaches to the rotary system mount, which attaches to the trowel arm. That said, a standard ride-on trowel machine needs 10 pad drivers for a complete conversion to the GHP Diamond System. After attaching each pad driver, you’re then ready to polish with the GHP Diamond System. Simply attach the diamond pads underneath each pad driver.

Additional information

Weight 4.5 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 4 in

FB Product Number

PART00974 14″ GHP Pad Driver


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