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  • Aztec – ProScrub 20″ Walk-Behind Auto Scrubber

    • Day Rate

      $3,908.00$4,158.00 / Day
    <h4>Features</h4> <ul> <li>Brush driven auto scrubber has a 30" follow behind squeegee recovers 100% of solution laid down.</li> <li>Reduce labor by putting solution down, scrubbing, and recovering that solution in one pass.</li> <li>Keep your facilities looking fresh and clean by setting routine scrubbing schedules.</li> <li>12 gallon solution tank carries plenty of solution to keep you constantly cleaning.</li> <li>24 volt battery powered system offers up to 3 hours of maximum scrub time, plenty of time for cleaning any gas station or convenience store.</li> <li>1 year commercial warranty on the full scrubber.</li> </ul>   <button class="kwipped-custom" approve-function="embedded_app" approve-action="add_to_app" approve-woocommerce-product="variable" >Apply for Financing as low as <strong>$<span approve-function="teaser_rate"></span>/mo</strong></button>
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