Protective Guards and Sealers

FLOR-FINISH is a patented lithium fortified finish for deep penetration, increased surface hardness and superior reflectivity on concrete, stone and terrazzo floors under the Diamatic Management Services (DMS) ULTRAFLOR™ System.  FLOR-FINISH is a top of the line stain and wear resistant polished floor guard system; with improved properties that make this product easier to apply and maintain than any other polished floor guard on the market today.

FLOR-FINISH provides an easy way to protect and enhance the shine and clarity of polished floors. Treated surfaces will have increased durability and improved stain and scratch resistance. We recommend two coats for initial protection. Retreatment in one to two years (depending on wear) with FLOR-FINISH will renew dulled surfaces. Routine maintenance as specified by DMS will maintain reflectivity and preserve the polished finish. The unique treatment is extremely low in VOC’s (less than 50 grams per liter), environmentally friendly.

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