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  • Ameripolish – Color Juice 3D Colorant Concentrate (Part B)

    <h3>Features</h3> <ul> <li>Excellent UV resistance</li> <li>In one step, improves abrasion resistance, hardens surface, and improves stain resistance while adding color</li> <li>Reducing freeze/thaw damage and salt damage</li> <li>May be used on broom finished and textured concrete, or on ground concrete and burnished to a high sheen</li> <li>May be used on integrally colored concrete, stamped concrete, or as a touch up for acid stained concrete.</li> <li>Easily applied with pump sprayer.</li> <li>Horizontal or vertical application.</li> </ul>
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  • Ameripolish – Color Juice 3D Sample Size

    <h3>FEATURES</h3> <ul> <li>Created for outdoor use but can be used indoors</li> <li>Fast, easy application</li> <li>Available in 14 colors</li> <li>Water based and UV stable</li> <li>Low VOC</li> <li>Must be used with EZ Etch Concrete Surface Etching Agent and X-Link WB Surface Sealer</li> <li>Coverage rate is approximately 400-800 sq ft per gallon</li> </ul>
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