Ameripolish – Color Juice 3D Colorant Concentrate (Part B)

Ameripolish – Color Juice 3D Colorant Concentrate (Part B)



  • Excellent UV resistance
  • In one step, improves abrasion resistance, hardens surface, and improves stain resistance while adding color
  • Reducing freeze/thaw damage and salt damage
  • May be used on broom finished and textured concrete, or on ground concrete and burnished to a high sheen
  • May be used on integrally colored concrete, stamped concrete, or as a touch up for acid stained concrete.
  • Easily applied with pump sprayer.
  • Horizontal or vertical application.

Ameripolish® Color Juice 3D is a concrete color system designed to color and densify in one step. ColorJuice 3D is made from mixing Color Juice 3D Part A (hardener) with Color Juice 3D Part B (colorant) to make the ready-to-use (RTU) formula.

Ameripolish® ColorJuice 3D is a fast, easy way to apply color to many types of concrete. It provides durable color by bonding through silicate hardeners, is not hazardous, and eliminates wait times that you would see with other stains.

It is ideal for garage floors, sidewalks, porches, patios, driveways, and pool decks, and will bond to most cementitious surfaces. ColorJuice 3D can also be applied to interior concrete surfaces as well

ColorJuice 3D is water based low VOC (<40g/l), does not release harsh odor into the environment. It provides an easily cleanable surface with low maintenance requirements. (Dry mop, wash with water or mild cleanser) LIMITATIONS
For exterior applications, ColorJuice 3D can be used in conjunction with Ameripolish® X Link WB surface sealer, Ameripolish® DNS 400 solvent based sealer, or Ameripolish® SR2 & SR2 WB penetrating stain resistor. Due to variables in application, maintenance and concrete itself, appearance may change over time.

ColorJuice 3D is a liquid suspension of proprietary ingredients. It is an odorless liquid. Appearance varies with different available colors. Once added to ColorJuice 3D Part A (hardener) ColorJuice 3D penetrates the concrete surface and reacts with lime (calcium hydroxide) in the concrete to form insoluble calcium silicate hydrates (CSH) crystals that bond colorant to concrete. By consuming lime, it also reduces efflorescence that can disfigure concrete surfaces.

ColorJuice 3D should be prepared properly. Use Ameripolish® Strip and Clean for cleaning and degreasing and Ameripolish® EZ Etch for profiling and removing any latent concrete. For an increase in protection use Ameripolish® X Link WB™ surface sealer, Ameripolish® X Link WL, Ameripolish® DNS 400 solvent based sealer or Ameripolish® SR2 / SR2 WB penetrating stain resistor for final protection.

Mix ColorJuice 3D Part A (hardener) with ColorJuice 3D Part B (colorant), shake well and the product is ready to be used. On troweled concrete, product will cover approximately 600-800 sf/gallon (15-20m2/L), and 300-400 sq/gallon (7-10m2/L) on porous concrete. Highly absorbent concrete may lower coverage rates.

Make sure the concrete is prepared properly using the Ameripolish® Strip and Clean and/or Ameripolish® EZ Etch products.

Remove dust or debris with broom, vacuum, water hose, mop or auto scrubber. Renew protective sealer every one to two year depending on wear and foot traffic.

Store Ameripolish® ColorJuice 3D in room tempature at all times. Do not leave in direct sunlight or heat. May cause issues before applying.



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